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Our comprehensive motor policy provides you with coverage for your vehicle as well as damage to someone else’s property. It also provides you with protection in the event of bodily injury or death to other persons.


Third Party Only

With our cost effective Third Party Policy, you’re protected from loss against someone else’s property; there is no cover for damage to your vehicle.


Third Party, Fire and Theft

With our Third Party, Fire and Theft Policy, your covered in the unfortunate case of a fire or theft in addition to protection from loss against someone else’s vehicle.


Why choose the AutoSmart Motorcycle Product?

Do you ride a motorcycle? If yes, AutoSmart has the right product for you. AutoSmart “Motorcycle” product provides indemnity for riders between 17-65 years, who are legally licenced to operate in Jamaica.

Motorcyclist plans optionally feature coverage for death or bodily injury, and property damage.


Rider Rules

Here’s what you need to access the fast AutoSmart coverage:

  • Riders must be between 17 and 65 years old with a Driver’s Licence
    Riding is restricted to the two named riders
    Proposers/Riders with accidents in the last three years must be referred
    All Riders of Motorcycles over 500cc must be the holder of a motorcycle driver’s licence or a general licence to include the riding of motorcycles
    Motorcycles 600cc and over MUST be accompanied with approval letter for the Ministry of National Security

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